Rochester did not [always] have the monopoly on wit in his encounters with clergymen. On a visit to Whitehall, he was greeted by the royal chaplain and theologian Isaac Barrow, a shambolic, slovenly and pale figure who Rochester, like most of the wits at court, regarded as a joke. Bowing in an ironic way, Rochester parodied the conventional excessive greetings of the day by saying, ironically, ‘Doctor, I am yours, to the shoe-tie.’ Barrow, responding smartly, bowed even lower and replied, ‘My lord, I am yours to the ground.’ Rochester, vexed by this impertinent response, countered with ‘Doctor, I am yours to the centre [of the earth].’ Barrow, not to be outdone, answered, ‘My lord, I am yours to the Antipodes.’ Rochester, losing his temper and feeling angered that he was to be outdone by a man he referred to as ‘a musty old piece of divinity’, executed an even more ridiculous bow and shouted, ‘Doctor, I am yours to the lowest pit of Hell!’ Barrow, showing a sharp wit that put many of the courtiers to shame, departed, saying, ‘There, my Lord, I leave you.’ Rochester, for once, was outmatched.
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Wolves (2014)

Plot: Cayden Richard (Lucas Till) is forced to flee after he becomes a suspect in his parent’s murder. Along the way he meets a stranger who points him in the direction of a town called Lupine Ridge where he discovers secrets about his past.

This is a directorial debut from highly successful screenwriter David Hayter (X-Men, X-Men 2, Watchmen) and it’s a pretty good superhero-like take on werewolf lore. I mean it’s not exactly hard to see the parallels between it and X-Men, the film-makers don’t exact do much to hide that, if anything they play on it.

Like with lots of lower-than-usual budget films there are a few technical issues, luckily that’s limited here but there are still some noticeable audio issues and the werewolf suits are a little goofy. Even luckier, there’s enough energy and great performances from the cast to make it easier to downplay the severity of those issues.

Plus it has Jason Momoa as a werewolf, come on.

Saw this at Toronto After Dark and it was actually not bad. I didn’t have high expectations and really just saw it cuz Jason Momoa lol.. but. Yeah, worth a watch. Reminded me of a YA novel.. just kinda in general.

I severely need this to come out in the UK. I have a mighty need for werewolf Jason Momoa

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